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Enfoque Ixcán is a non-profit organization which provides eye care to a remote jungle region of Guatemala. Our program is unique in that we train, equip and otherwise enable local Eye Health Promoters to provide eye care so that they can serve their communities on a year around basis. They provide basic eye exams, eye glasses, eye health education and access to surgical care.

Join us in a virtual Run!

Run with us in this virtual Quetzal Run fundraiser for Enfoque Ixcan - any distance, any donation! Saturday Oct 11; first 50 US donors will receive a free Guatemalan mask!

Please join Enfoque Ixcán  for our only fundraiser of the year: our Virtual Quetzal Run! Pick your distance, pick your donation! YOU decide.

The first 50 US donors (whether they run or not!) will receive a free Guatemalan face mask. And YES! You can donate before October 11! 

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Rest in Peace, Marlon Garcia

Marlon, in the red hat, helped us plan the building site of our clinic in 2019

Deep in my heart I suspected that one of these days someone I know would be taken by COVID-19. I totally expected it would be someone my age. Someone with an age compromised immune system. Someone with an underlying health condition.

Never did I think it would be someone like Marlon Garcia.

Summer 2020 - Focusing on the Ixcan

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter