• Residents helplessly look on as fire consumes the central market
    May 9, 2019


    Just about a week ago the central market in Playa Grande burned.  Playa Grande is the commercial and government center for the Ixcán region of Guate...
  • Catherine Potter translates while the EHPs learn to use the MacBook
    March 3, 2019

    Computer Technology Brings Changes to En...

    The office of Enfoque Ixcán in Playa Grande, Ixcán, Guatemala now has electronic record keeping and data storage capabilities. With the help of our ...
  • February 7, 2019

    When Our Bus Became an Ambulance

    Joene and I are in Guatemala for our semi-annual training and resupply trip for our eye care project Enfoque Ixcán. We just finished 2 busy days work...
  • December 31, 2018

    You are tipping the scales!

    Our world seems to be torn apart by wars, disease, natural disasters, political disagreements, human rights violations, refugee crises. It’s easy to...
  • Juan trying out a pair of binoculars
    November 7, 2018


    The Little Boy in the Red Shirt Juan was visibly nervous, tense. I could almost see him thinking, “Why have I been singled out to be alone in the cl...

Enfoque Ixcán is a non-profit organization which provides eye care to a remote jungle region of Guatemala. Our program is unique in that we train, equip and otherwise enable local eye health promoters to provide eye care so that they can serve their communities on a year around basis. They provide basic eye exams, eye glasses, eye health education and access to surgical care.

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