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Enfoque Ixcán is a non-profit organization which provides eye care to a remote jungle region of Guatemala. Our program is unique in that we train, equip and otherwise enable local Eye Health Promoters to provide eye care so that they can serve their communities on a year-round basis. They provide basic eye exams, eye glasses, eye health education and access to surgical care.


Dear Friends of Enfoque Ixcán,

This is Rosa. She lives in Ixcán, Guatemala. She has raised her children and grandchildren there. One of her daily chores is to strip the corn cornels from the cobs and then carry them to the village corn grinder to make dough for tortillas.

As she has aged, her eye sight has failed due to cataracts. She needs your help! Enfoque Ixcán works locally to provide eye care and funds for eye surgeries. Your donation today can improve Rosa’s quality of life.

Whether or not you’ve been to the Ixcán region of Guatemala, I’d like to describe this special place where Rosa lives. To start, I have a few questions for you…

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Snapshot 2021-22!

Enjoy a pleasant visit with the Board of Enfoque Ixcán and see the happy results of your kind donations.

This is a recording of the live webinar held March 13, 2022


Welcome to the new Clinic!

At last, the Grand Opening!

And Dr. Pike wouldn't miss it for the world!

Thank you, Supporters! You made this dream a reality.

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