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Enfoque Ixcán is a non-profit organization which provides eye care to a remote jungle region of Guatemala. Our program is unique in that we train, equip and otherwise enable local Eye Health Promoters to provide eye care so that they can serve their communities on a year around basis. They provide basic eye exams, eye glasses, eye health education and access to surgical care.

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Public Health in the Jungle​

The corona virus pandemic is having an impact on our health, our businesses, the global economy and daily living. In our unequal global human order many areas, like Ixcán, are more vulnerable to economic and health concerns than others.

A journalist from the village we visit in February each year, Santa Maria Tzeja, recently videoed a story about what his village is doing to protect the community from the virus. 

Event Postponed

Well, rats!  This event will be rescheduled in the Fall.

This give you PLENTY of time to bone up on your trivia questions….