A quetzal bird with glasses, the logo of Enfoque IxcanVision Statement

The vision of Enfoque Ixcán is for the people of the Ixcán region of Guatemala to enjoy their rights to affordable eye health and vision care.

Mission Statement

The mission of Enfoque Ixcán is to ensure that the people of the Ixcán region of Guatemala have access to vision and eye health care and eye health education. Enfoque Ixcán maximizes the use of local and regional resources and builds capacity and expertise among the population in order to empower local communities.


Underlying all actions of Enfoque Ixcán are guiding values that include:

  • Affordable health is a right.
  • Skills and knowledge are keys to success
  • Building self-sufficiency is necessary for a sustainable program.
  • The sanctity and importance of each individual are to be respected


In pursuit of the Vision and Mission of Enfoque Ixcán we:

  •  Educate and train residents to:
    • Use simple and inexpensive instruments and materials to measure and treat basic refractive conditions
    • Recognize eye and eye-related diseases
    • Know the signs and symptoms of vision and eye problems
    • Educate the public on eye conditions and preventive measures in eye care,
    • Refer and escort patients with eye and general health problems needing specialized care to appropriate Guatemalan health professionals,
    • Provide surgical follow-up care during and after surgical visits as requested by the local surgeons
  • Encourage collaboration and build relationships with local and regional organizations that provide or influence eye and general health care, including:
    • Eye health professionals
    • General health professionals
    • Social organizations
    • Governmental departments and agencies
  • Engage the North American public through newsletters, the internet and in-person presentations in order to:
    • Educate people regarding the conditions and problems our neighbors in Ixcán, Guatemala face on a daily basis which deny them access to eye care,
    • Make known the historical and modern forces which contribute to the current conditions in Ixcán,
    • Raise funds to build a framework for sustainable eye care in Ixcán.

Enfoque Ixcán’s Philosophy

“The underlying philosophy of Enfoque Ixcán is that the most appropriate help we have to offer is to train local people to help themselves. Our goal is to provide the training and resources which empower local health promoters and Guatemalan doctors to treat and care for their neighbors. It is our belief that improved vision and eye care substantially increase one’s dignity and quality of life.” – Dr. Scott Pike