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The 2016 AMIGOS, "fresh" off a red-eye flight to Guatemala

Bumps in the Road

8/14/16 9:00 AM  In Guatemala the roads have lots of speed bumps, called tumalos. They are very effective in slowing traffic when traveling through the many small villages on the…

2010 Amigos

August 2010 Amigos Trip

    Click on the video for a lively 6-1/2 minute trip with the August 2010 AMIGOS/Enfoque Ixcán volunteers…   Video edited by Kevy Simmons, one of the Pacific Optometry…

2015 Amigos – The Guatemala Clinic

Thank you to Danielle Guenet for sharing this lively and informative video documenting the August 2015 AMIGOS Eye Care work in Guatemala:

The 2015 Amigos - Enfoque Ixcan team

August Trip with 2015 Amigos Completed!

For the 13th consecutive year Amigos Eye Care, from Pacific University, teamed up with Enfoque Ixcán for a very successful mission trip to Ixcán, Guatemala. Everyone at Enfoque Ixcán is…