Current office spaceThe drawing below doesn’t look much like blueprints, but we’re getting there. It measures at about 625 sq. ft., but that’s 6 times bigger than our present rented office space (shown on the right). And, it appears our proposed clinic is getting closer to finding a place to be.

We have been waiting for the new hospital in Ixcán, Guatemala to be completed so we could build on adjacent land. However, construction is moving slowly and our designated area is still nothing more than a mud hole. We’ve been told it could be a couple more years before they finish it.

Floor plan for the new clinic

So, we’re implementing plan B. Next Monday, the 6th of June, Dwight, our treasurer, and I will be going to Playa Grande, Ixcán to have a meeting with the mayor and his council to see if the municipality might be willing to give us a plot of land to build on.

Happy Patient!We’ve been serving the Ixcán region with eye care for 19 years now and we have reason to believe that there’s a good chance for a positive outcome. The community has grown to know and trust us. The people realize that we are the only effective eye care source for the poor in this part of Guatemala.

We’ve funded 428 eye surgeries, examined over 14,000 residents and dispensed over 6,500 pairs of glasses. It’s a region of approximately 100,000 people, so our work has only begun. Having our own clinic space will make the job so much easier.

Dwight and I will send updates from Ixcán so you can track our progress.
Wish us luck!

Scott Pike
Enfoque Ixcán