topTrio"Lucia can see the light of day perfectly well now. Previously she had spent four years in darkness." - Francisco Ralios writing about his wife's cataract surgery provided by Enfoque Ixcan

Lucia Alonso







Dear friend of Enfoque Ixcán,

Imagine seeing for the first time in years – seeing your friends and loved ones, your home and community. Imagine stumbling through darkness for years, relying on others to guide you, and then one day regaining the ability to walk on your own, retake your work, and navigate your world.

Imagine awakening from perpetual night into the light of day.

Lucía Alonso recently made that very transformation. Unable to see for four years, she awoke into a renewed world of individuals and images, objects and colors. Lucía would still be mired in darkness, if not for Enfoque Ixcán.

Thanks to donor support, hundreds of people like Lucía have emerged from the darkness into the light. In the first 4 months of this year we have funded 40 surgical procedures, including 24 cataract removals.

Maria Elena TojinLucía regained her sight through cataract surgery. In some situations, however, vision problems mask other issues, as in María Elena’s case.

María Elena Tojín is a math teacher and mother of three in Santa María Tzejá. Her intelligence, calm demeanor, and talent for explaining complicated concepts make her an exemplary teacher. In fact, most children in the village say that their favorite subject in school is math!

In February after noticing a decrease in her vision, Maria Elena was examined by Enfoque Ixcán. Finding no obvious eye-related cause for her troubles, we referred her for further tests at a Guatemalan eye clinic. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor. An extended network of friends and family pitched in to finance her neurosurgery in Guatemala City. With the tumor successfully removed, María Elena is recovering and resuming her life.

In Maria Elena’s case, the presence of Enfoque Ixcán offered her access to care, which led to a life-saving outcome.

Sadie is one of our long-term patients. We first saw her in 2005 when she was 4 years old. Due to an eye injury as a toddler, her left eye turns in and she has poor vision. Over the years we have made several pairs of glasses for her; the glasses not only improve her vision but also protect her good eye from accidents.

Chronic cases, like Sadie’s, testify to the benefits of Enfoque Ixcán’s long-term commitment. Our continuous presence and committed team allow us to improve people’s sight, monitor their care, and follow up on problems.

  • Will you help people like Sadie receive the evolving care they need?
  • Will you help people like María Elena access a diagnosis that adds years to their lives?
  • Will you help people like Lucía emerge from darkness into the light of day?

Will you change a life and give a donation to Enfoque Ixcán today?

For only $125 you can sponsor a cataract surgery like the ones that restored Lucia’s vision. For $15 you can provide a prescription pair of glasses for someone like Sadie. All donations, regardless of the amount, allow us to keep our team of eye health promoters working and keep the doors open, so we can continue to provide the access to care which allowed María Elena to receive her life-saving treatment.

Please donate to Enfoque Ixcán today, and bring “the light of day” back into people’s lives.

Very sincerely,
Scott Pike, OD

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