Miracle Alert – You Can Change Lives!

Your generous donation given today will restore sight in a person blinded by cataracts. You can make this happen for only $125 per eye.

In Ixcán, Guatemala, where:
– 80% of the population lives in poverty,
– the nearest eye doctor is 3-6 hours away, and
– Enfoque Ixcán is the only resource for eye surgeries
the people have found they can rely on Enfoque Ixcán for safe, affordable eye care.

People like Martina, Manuel and Maria and have been given the opportunity to:
– read again,
– walk about on their own again, and
– enjoy the smiles of their children and friends again

All made possible with 10-minute cataract surgeries.

These little miracles happen when you make your generous donation.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of others who need the same surgery to change their lives. You can be that  agent of change.

Won’t you please help now? Any amount given will go toward sight restoration. Just click the DONATE button at the top right of this page, or CLICK HERE to learn about additional ways to donate. Then sit back knowing that you have changed someone’s life.