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Four years ago Enfoque Ixcan raised money to build a clinic. Many of you donated to that effort. We were originally going to build next to the new hospital. Due to political corruption the new hospital remains half completed with no work in progress. It’s been a long slow process.

Clinic site todaySo, we asked the municipal government to donate a piece of land for our clinic. They generously gave us half an acre on the edge of town. This added to our financial needs, however, because we now have to allow for water, sewage and electricity hook-ups, plus clearing the land and adding security fencing.

We need about $10,000 more and we’re going to raise it this year, so that we can start building early in 2019.

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interior layout

Architects from two Guatemalan Rotary Clubs have volunteered to draw up the plans and coordinate the construction. The mayor of Ixcán has pledged to have our access road completed. All the ducks are lining up. Our eye health promoters are excited and relieved that we are in the final stages of this project.

All we are lacking is $9,000, as we already have a pledge of $1,000 to start this final sprint. If you can help Enfoque Ixcán with an extra donation this year, we will have a new place to call home by the summer of 2019. Any amount you can give will help us reach this goal.

CLICK HERE to donate to our Clinic Construction Fund.

Thanks for your support!