Awkward scene: Dr. Scott Pike in search of lost contact lens...OK, it wasn’t a perfect day in Guatemala City, but it was close. I’ll start with the bad news, which came at the end of the day. I was walking down a busy street in Zone 1 when something blew by my eye. When I reacted, I knocked my left contact lens out. In a flash I weighed my options: Should I try to protect this square meter of sidewalk while I look for it, on my knees (scene to the right)? I’m sure others might stop to help. How would I explain this in Spanish? Is it worth it? What are my chances of finding it before someone steps on it, or me? Isn’t this why I bring spare lenses with me wherever I go?

Two seconds later I was walking away looking for a place to stop and put in a spare lens.

The first part of the day went well and rather than bore you with my philosophical thoughts, here are a few scenes from my walk through zone 1 in Guatemala City on my way to various errands for the day.

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It was a good day. I’m glad I had the time to watch the world go by.

Scott Pike