I’d like to tell you about an exceptional opportunity offered to us by the Public Health Office in Ixcán, and to ask for your help in taking advantage of this opportunity.

The offer is a plot of land on which to build a small eye clinic located near the new hospital, now under construction.


Of the budgeted $20,000 to build our proposed 625 sq. ft. clinic, we have raised $7,600 (38%). We are asking you to partner with us in building this critically important facility by helping us reach the goal so construction can start soon. Here’s why:

For many, the nearest eye doctor is 3-4 hours away, and transportation is difficult.

The need:

  • Nearly 100,000 people live in the Ixcán region.
  • The nearest eye doctor is 3-6 hours away via public transportation.
  • 80% of the population live in poverty (earnings of less than $2400 per year).
  • Estimates show that over 4,000 residents need cataract surgery.
  • Over 30,000 need glasses for improved acuity and comfort when reading.



Our current 10'x11' work space.

The problem:

  • In this community of 100,000 there is no suitable examination space available for a Guatemalan optometrist to conduct an examination.
  • Our eye health promoters work in a rented space 10’ x 11’.
  • The space is limiting our ability to care for the existing patients and to expand our services.
  • Our present office is tucked away in a row of dormitory rooms.



The solution:

Help us take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by making a donation today!

  • Your donation will accelerate the advancement of sustainable eye care in this poverty filled region by enabling our eye health promoters to see more patients and provide more eye health services.
  • When suitable examination space is available, a Guatemalan optometrist has volunteered to work in Ixcán, making 4 visits per year.
  • The impact of your donation will create ripples of opportunity for thousands currently in need of eye care, from glasses, to eye surgeries, to eye health education.


Our history:

This offer was made as a result of our success over the last 17 years. Our method of operation has made this a sustainable project, working year around, using largely Guatemalan resources.

  • 3 local eye health promoters have been trained to provide care.
  • Nearly 11,000 people have been screened for eye problems and glasses.
  • Over 5,000 glasses have been dispensed.
  • 217 eye surgeries have been funded.

Our current budget covers the cost of our day-to-day operation. Your donations over the years have allowed this project to grow and become successful. We’re asking you for a one time gift, in addition to your usual yearly donation, to allow us to take advantage of the opportunity afforded us by the Ixcán Public Health Office. They have seen our past performance and the service we provide and put their trust in us. We hope you will do the same.

Please send your tax deductible gift today

  • Donations can be mailed to 13670 NW Pettygrove Portland, OR 97229. Write the word “clinic” in the note space.
  • Donate online right now using the PayPal button located on the right.

Best regards and many thanks,

Scott Pike, OD
May, 2014

PS: We need to hear from you before July. Please donate today.