Rolanda Garcia, Guatemalan Journalist, and her daughter

Rolanda Garcia, a Guatemalan journalist and social communicator living in Ixcán, recently wrote an article giving thanks to the work of Enfoque Ixcán.

Rolanda grew up in Ixcán and now along with a business partner, Santiago Baton, produces weekly news reports for the people of Ixcán on subjects ranging from health care, women’s rights, political issues, to agriculture and many more. Garcia wrote:

“Nobody could stop our grandparents’ blindness, they did not have any hope,” explained one of the many patients who have benefited from Enfoque Ixcán, an international program that provides eye care to people who live in economic hardship in the area of Ixcán, Quiche, Guatemala.


It is important to mention that Ixcán is one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in Guatemala where distinct indigenous communities from the Mayan ethnic group live. Even though Ixcán is rich in natural resources (water, fertile soil, mountains and rivers) 80% of the population live in extreme poverty.


To receive a specialized support like the one that Enfoque Ixcán provides in these remote zones of Guatemala, has been a great miracle and a act of solidarity… I should not let this opportunity pass to highlight the importance that this program has for the communities of the Ixcán area and its valuable contribution to the people living in economic hardship [who] otherwise, without the solidarity of Enfoque Ixcán, would have lost their eye sight in an accelerated and definitive manner.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire text of Rolanda Garcia’s article in our Fall 2013 newsletter.  You can also watch Garcia and Baton’s newscasts from Ixcán, Guatemala on the realMente TV Web site..