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Thanks to EI and a paire of glasses, Teresa can see to continue weaving.

Open Letter to Enfoque Ixcán Supporters

Dear Enfoque Ixcán supporter, Please pat yourself on the back! Thanks to your crucial support, our eye care program has impacted hundreds of people, granting them the gift of sight….

Residents helplessly look on as fire consumes the central market


Just about a week ago the central market in Playa Grande burned.  Playa Grande is the commercial and government center for the Ixcán region of Guatemala.  This is the town…

Catherine Potter translates while the EHPs learn to use the MacBook

Computer Technology Brings Changes to Enfoque Ixcán

The office of Enfoque Ixcán in Playa Grande, Ixcán, Guatemala now has electronic record keeping and data storage capabilities. With the help of our Rotary International Grant we purchased a…