Enfoque Ixcán was offered a piece of land to build a clinic on by the local public health office in Ixcán. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we took on the task of raising $20,000 for construction. $20,000 isn’t a lot of money for a new building, so how could we pass this up? None-the-less, that’s a good sized piece of cash for a small organization and the idea was intimidating.

Goal met and passed by our AWESOME supportersEnfoque Ixcán has never blinked when faced with a challenge! We knew that raising the money was the next necessary step in the process of making our eye care project more sustainable and to bring the people of Ixcán, Guatemala one step closer to affordable and accessible eye care.

This is where the AWESOME SUPPORTERS come in. In May we were at about 35% of our goal, so we sent out a special appeal for donor support. The response was terrific. By the first of July we had raised over $21,000!!!!! The confidence reflected by this amazing show of support is humbling and inspiring.

Getting down to the business of building the new eye clinicNow we can turn our attention to the construction and completion of the planned clinic. In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be making my 31st trip to Ixcán. We have an architect and a construction crew ready, but first we need to complete the necessary legal contract with the Public Health Office and coordinate a time table with them. This is one of my goals for this trip.

Thank you so much for getting us to this stage of the project. As the remaining steps fall into place, we will keep you informed of our progress.

YOU are awesome.

Scott Pike
President, Enfoque Ixcán