Have You Experienced Improved Vision from New Glasses or an Eye Surgery?

My friend, Manuel, hasn’t, but he needs to. And Manuel could use our help. Cataracts have dimmed his vision to shapes and shadows, only. Yet, at age 81 Manuel still has good health. With improved vision he could be living a higher quality of life and be more productive; helping in the family garden, being involved in community activities, interacting socially with his friends and family.

The good news is that you have the power to change his life. Will you consider a donation to help restore Manuel’s eyesight?

His limited vision has made even walking difficult and dangerous on the rough, uneven and often muddy paths in his village. In the dim light of morning and evening, travel becomes more risky. Twisted ankles, cuts and scrapes and even broken bones from falling are real threats to his health.

It takes a loyal Enfoque Ixcán donor, like you, not thousands of dollars, to restore Manuel’s eye sight. A small donation from you can do the job. For as little as $200 Enfoque Ixcán can pay for his cataract surgery.

Manuel has lived most of his life in Ixcán as a subsistence farmer, growing food for his family and maybe having a little extra to sell at the village market. He never had access to eye care, nor the income to afford even a pair of eye glasses. It’s been nearly 40 years since Manuel could see to read, but he still remembers how to read. He looks forward to the day when he can read his Bible again, and the local newspaper.

A donation of as little as $25 will allow him to have a pair of bifocals to use after cataract surgery. Could you help with that?



Recent support for Enfoque Ixcán from donors like you has allowed us to build our own clinic which will sustain the growth of Enfoque Ixcán into the future. Now our eye health promoters will be able to examine and treat more people and refer more patients, like Manuel, for cataract surgeries. In the Ixcán region of Guatemala, it is estimated that over 4,000 people have sight blocking cataracts. That’s 4,000 people who could have their sight restored with a 10 to 15 minute surgery.

Of the more than 100,000 people living in Ixcán, 80% live in poverty. Enfoque Ixcán is the only affordable eye care available to them in the region. It’s a 3 to 5 hour trip on public transportation to the closest eye doctor. Our new clinic and our 24-year history of providing basic eye care to the region show that sustainable eye care is possible for these deserving people. Please help us keep the wheels turning.

We need your support to continue providing quality eye care. Your gift of $25, $50, $200, or more, or whatever you can afford, will be very much appreciated. Imagine how your life would be changed if you didn’t have access to eye care. Would you be able to read, drive, work at your present job, or continue your favorite hobbies? Would you have to endure headaches or other visual discomforts?

Manuel has lived his life without access to eye care. That represents a lot of lost potential. So, please consider a donation to make a difference in a life. A difference that opens up someone’s potential. Productivity, comfort, happiness, self-confidence, dignity ….these are the benefits of quality eye care. These are the benefits you can create for Manuel and all of his neighbors in Ixcán.

Please send your generous gift today. At age 81, Manuel needs your help now.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season,
Scott Pike, OD

P.S. As the holiday season begins, I am filled with hope for the visually compromised people of Ixcán. Why? The reason is simple, friends like you who support our project!