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Residents helplessly look on as fire consumes the central market


Just about a week ago the central market in Playa Grande burned.  Playa Grande is the commercial and government center for the Ixcán region of Guatemala.  This is the town…

Susana in May 2017

Your Part in a Transformation

Susana, thanks to your help, has been transformed! In our last newsletter in the Spring, we shared a story about a young woman, Susana, who had a badly injured and…

The welcoming party

What a Greeting!

2017 marks the 30-year anniversary of a relationship between the village of Santa Maria Tzeja, Ixcán, Guatemala and the Congregational Church of Needham, MA. Needham has sent 2 delegations per…

Scott Pike visiting with the Coban Rotary Club

Behind the Scenes

Greetings from Guatemala! The mission of Enfoque Ixcán is to provide access to affordable eye care to the people of Ixcán, Guatemala. Your donations help fund eye surgeries, eye glasses…