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New Clinic Site

Support Our Clinic Construction Fund!

CLICK HERE to donate to our Clinic Construction fund.   Four years ago Enfoque Ixcan raised money to build a clinic. Many of you donated to that effort. We were…

Susana Before

A Tale of Two Women…the rest of the story

Here are photos of two young women from Ixcán, Guatemala. The woman on the left had no access to eye care. She lived for 7 years with a badly damaged… eye care project with a vision for everyone.

An Eye Care Project With a Vision

Enfoque Ixcán – an eye care project with a vision for everyone. Our volunteers work in tiny villages in the remote jungle regions of Guatemala. By training the local people…

Change a Life – Manuel

You can change a life in 10 minutes! Manuel is a farmer in Ixcán, Guatemala, a war survivor, and a former refugee – and a loving father and grandfather. He…