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Thanks to EI and a paire of glasses, Teresa can see to continue weaving.

Open Letter to Enfoque Ixcán Supporters

Dear Enfoque Ixcán supporter, Please pat yourself on the back! Thanks to your crucial support, our eye care program has impacted hundreds of people, granting them the gift of sight….

When Our Bus Became an Ambulance

Joene and I are in Guatemala for our semi-annual training and resupply trip for our eye care project Enfoque Ixcán. We just finished 2 busy days working with our eye…

You are tipping the scales!

Our world seems to be torn apart by wars, disease, natural disasters, political disagreements, human rights violations, refugee crises. It’s easy to get the feeling that we’re on a downward…

Juan trying out a pair of binoculars


The Little Boy in the Red Shirt Juan was visibly nervous, tense. I could almost see him thinking, “Why have I been singled out to be alone in the classroom…