For the past 3 years going to Ixcan, Guatemala, we have been very fortunate to have found a wonderful place to eat. Eating is always tricky in Ixcan, as our fragile gringo stomachs need to be watched closely. Don’t drink the water! Don’t eat the vegetables! Be careful that the ice isn’t from tap water!

When we found Ruth’s restaurant, we thought we had gone straight to heaven. She and her daughter, Velvet, washed our vegetables with a special solution. They only used pure water. They understood our stomach dilemma and on top of that, Ruth is a master cook. The food was always good, the portions perfect, the service superb.

Ruth and Velvet

Ruth and Velvet

Then, on our February, 2017 trip to Ixcan, her restaurant was closed! I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Where would we find a cook to match Ruth? It might not be possible. Who’s going to keep us healthy?

The word we heard was that Ruth had some health problems and had returned to her old home in Coban, about 4 hours away. However, someone told us that she wanted to return in August, just to cook for us. For the next 2 months we tried to find a phone number for her, but none worked.

Finally, someone got through to her and sure enough, she had contacted the priests at the church where we stay and has arranged to use the church kitchen. She will be there for our group in August. She was worried about us getting sick and having to examine 1,000 people in our week in Ixcan. She will be there for us and I can’t wait to eat her meals.

What kind of friend it that? The best and most wonderful!

Thank you, Ruth! See you soon.

Scott Pike
Enfoque Ixcan