Hang on folks while I make the connection. You may have read or seen on the news that Vice President Harris was in Guatemala on Monday hoping to find some answers as to how to keep Guatemalans from going north and crossing our southern border. Political leaders have been trying to find a solution to this problem for many, many years.

Enfoque Ixcán has been doing its part to solve this problem for nearly 25 years.

Each year the U.S. pumps hundreds of millions of dollars south to Guatemala. But, Guatemala is plagued by corruption, and a system which is controlled by some very powerful people who know how to keep the money flowing and benefitting themselves.

Enfoque Ixcán on the other hand has, without thinking about foreign policy, been giving the poor in a rural and remote part of Guatemala, the Ixcán, reasons and means to stay home. Most of the people coming north do so because they live in extreme poverty and have no chance to improve their lives under the conditions in Guatemala.

Our 3 eye health promoters are changing that. They provide eye care where no other eye care is accessible. They are allowing students to have improved vision and comfort so that they can see to succeed in school, graduate and find jobs that pays more than the average of about $8 a day. Proper eye care makes learning more efficient. Enfoque Ixcán does that.

Our eye health promoters dispense glasses at prices the people can afford. This allows many adults to hold leadership positions in their communities well beyond the time when adults need simple reading glasses for near work. This sets the stage for slow, but positive, community development.

Eye care promoters at work

Our eye-health promoters at work.

Over the years funding from our donors – from YOU – has allowed over 850 people to have sight restoring eye surgeries. This has enhanced family bonds and productive lives, which is a good reason to stay home with one’s loved ones.

Unlike the U.S. government we have had these positive outcomes without spending millions of dollars. We do it with simple gifts, $25, $50, $100, whatever our donors can afford. (Don’t let me imply that we won’t accept a gift of $1,000,000). The money goes straight to our program objectives.

In addition, we have provided good, skilled jobs for our eye health promoters. They have a sense of purpose and value and an income that allows them to stay in their homes and communities.

Fight corruption in our foreign policy with your gift to Enfoque Ixcán today.

Thank you,
Scott Pike, OD